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NLAB 334 - Community Assessment Sources

Sources providing statistical data, and other types of information, at the national, state, and local level.

General Sources

General Sources  - This official website of the Louisiana government acts as a central hub for information. Some information provided include links to government agency webpages and statistical information by parish. In the left hand corner, local government information can be found via Local Louisiana.

Louisiana Almanac - Ready Reference AY 186 .L6 - This comprehensive guide to Louisiana includes information on various topics, including weather, recreation, water resources, and transportation. While this resource is not up to date, much of its information can act as a good starting place for local research. Some historical information is also still valid.

Louisiana State Telephone Directory - This online resource provides contact information for state agencies, including at the local level. This resource is helpful because some information may not be posted online but be available via contacting these agencies.

Louisiana Yellow Pages - While not a government resource, this searchable database is helpful in locating services, such as taxis, near or in a particular area.