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NLAB 334 - Community Assessment Sources

Sources providing statistical data, and other types of information, at the national, state, and local level.

Government Citation Resources

Guidance for Citing Government Information in APA Format

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

  • Chapter 9, Reference List
  • Chapter 10, Reference Examples, specifically 10.4, Reports and Gray Literature, and 10.9, Data Sets

University of Southern California's APA Style Guide 7th Edition: Citing Your Sources

Cite It with Style! How to Cite Government Information Resources like a Pro (Revised and Updated)

  • Presentation Slides explain how to identify various publication information for government documents and provide examples for its various formats in several different citation styles, including APA
  • Citation Template Tools provide quick reference examples, including a section for APA
  • Attribution: Bobby Griffith (University of North Texas)

Government Citation Examples

Data Set Citation Example

U.S. Census Bureau. (2020). 2020 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates Subject Tables (S1702; Poverty Status in the past 12 months of families) [Data set]. U.S. Census Bureau. Retrieved June 28, 2022, from

Report Citation Example

Bureau of Health Informatics. (2022). 2021 Louisiana Health Report Card. Office of Public Heath, Louisiana Department of Health.

Webpage Citation Example

U.S. Fire Administration. (2022, Jan. 11). Louisiana fire loss and fire department profile. Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security.


APA (American Psychological Association)

7th Edition - Current

The 7th edition of the APA Manual is the most current, released in 2019. Unlike the previous edition, this book contains all information for both print and electronic sources in one manual. More information on changes in the 7th edition are available online.

6th Edition
- Two Manuals

You use two manuals in APA Style. The Publication Manual of the APA, 6th ed. contains the core elements of APA style. It should always be the primary resource you use. The APA Style Guide to Electronic References is a supplemental guide; it covers formatting requirements for references for electronic resources, such as websites.

The APA Style Guide to Electronic References is available online, but under our licensing students and faculty are allowed to print one copy for person use.

Online Guides to Using APA Style

APA Style Blog : This blog is the official companion to the APA Manual and is published by APA experts. Posts deal with specific situations in references, grammar, and other topics.
Instructional Aids : This webpage from the official APA site includes free webinars, handouts, and sample papers in APA 7th edition.
APA Style Help - Lists resources that can help with APA Style, such as FAQ and other learning resources.

APA Formatting and Style Guide (Purdue OWL)
APA 7th Edition Citation (California State University)

APA Style Blog 6th edition : This blog is the archived companion to the 6th edition of the APA Manual

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

DOI Information

Introduction to DOIs

  1. DOI is an abbreviation for Digital Object Identifier.
  2. The Publication Manual for the American Psychological Association requires citations to include DOIs, when available, for online sources.
  3. You can use the CrossRef website to look up whether a journal article has a DOI.
  4. You can use the International DOI Foundation website to learn more about DOIs.