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NLAB 334 - Community Assessment Sources

Sources providing statistical data, and other types of information, at the national, state, and local level.



Colleges and Universities of Louisiana - This online resource from the Board of Regents shows a map with all colleges and universities in the state represented. It also provides links to the websites for the four university/college systems that can be used for further information. Note that more than one university or college may be near a particular city.

Caring Communities Youth Survey (CCYS) - CCYS reports cover behaviors related to academic success, such as dropout and substance abuse. This survey is offered to Louisiana students in grades 6, 8, 10, and 12 every two years.

Data Center (Department of Education) - This online resource offers data in various areas of education, including report cards for individual schools and test results. Note that coverage varies, but information can be found at the state, parish, and school level.

District and State Data Reports - These reports from the Department of Education offer school-level data in various areas, such as the number of dropouts and attendance rates.

Louisiana School and Center Finder (Department of Education) - This searchable resource can be used to find schools and centers/day cares in a given area as well as within a set radius. Filtering options include distance, type of school/center, and offerings. Data can be found at the parish and city level, but note that residents may use facilities in nearby areas.

Louisiana Public Library Directory or 4th Floor Louisiana Documents Stacks - Li 1.9/3:year - This directory lists all public libraries in Louisiana as well as provides their individual websites. Note that some public libraries have multiple branches, so there may be more than one near a particular city.

Louisiana School Directory - This directory contains alphabetical listings of schools in Louisiana and identifies various types, including charter schools. While these issues may be outdated, they offer a good starting point for identifying schools. You can also use a non-governmental equivalent here. Note that School Boards determine school boundaries; a particular city might thus use more schools than just the ones hosted in their community.

School Districts (LSBA) - This directory from the Louisiana School Boards Association provides links and contact information for each parish's school board. School boards provide important educational information such as school boundaries and contact information for individual schools.