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LS 102 Course Materials: Getting Started

Introduction to Information Research

Welcome to LS102

This course guide lists online readings for the Library Science (LS) 102 course. 

LS 102: Introduction to Information Research

A course designed to teach the information research process.  Methods for locating and evaluating sources and the creation of effective search strategies are discussed and practiced.  Required exercises and assignments reinforce the course content.  Those completing the course will be able to:          

  • understand the organization, tools and vocabulary of an academic library
  • utilize databases to find and retrieve information
  • identify relevant sources using critical thinking skills
  • create a bibliography of relevant sources
  • understand the need for developing life-long learning skills
  • apply the above-learned skills in other classes 

What is Information Literacy?

Information literacy has been defined as the ability to recognize when information is needed, then to locate, evaluate, and use the information effectively.  Information literacy is not confined to formal academic research.  The skills associated with information literacy have become a necessary part of our lives because of the increased amount of information available, as well as the ease of access to that information.

Modern society is in constant change; individuals must learn to adapt in order to continue as successful, productive citizens.  Almost every profession expects its members to engage in continuous training.  Whether that profession is an auto mechanic or pharmacist, individuals must constantly improve their skills in order to keep their jobs or advance in the workplace.  This is called lifelong learning or the ability to continuously review and upgrade information.  Lifelong learning requires the effective use of information literacy skills.