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Government Information

This guide provides resources for locating government information sources in print and online.

Why Government Information?

Government information can be useful due to its breadth, depth, and credibility.

Federal, state, and local governments research, produce, and disseminate information internally and externally on several subject areas related to their citizens. Much of this information must meet strict oversight criteria regarding accuracy, comes from experts, and relies on verifiable, cited information. They fund important research that individuals could not afford alone, and those results must then be shared.

This information then influences decision making, policy, regulations, the law--and even just our overall understanding of topics and issues. Our history and our citizens become embodied in government information through surveys, Congressional testimony, research projects, and archiving of materials. We can see how we have changed and areas we still need to address.

Government information thus provides both primary and secondary information, both current and historical information, both introductory and expert level information. It can enrich your research project but also deepen your knowledge on topics relevant to you and your role as an involved citizen.

Core U.S. Government Resources

The Core U.S. Government Resources have been determined by the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) as those vital to understanding the working of the U.S. Federal Government.

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