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Black History Month

History-makers of Southeast Louisiana

Celebrating African-American History of Southeastern Louisiana

Sims Library Celebrates Black History Makers of Southeast Louisiana


In commemoration of Black History Month, Sims Memorial Library is celebrating the lives and achievements of African-American history makers from Southeast Louisiana. Each day during February, one profile (of a person or group) will be featured in the library’s social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These posts will contain links to this site for further exploration.

How did we pick these subjects to profile?  We decided to focus on people who were born in Southeast Louisiana or who made history here through their accomplishments in these categories:  

  • Music & Entertainment
  • Journalism & Literature
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education & Public Service

As you might imagine, the possibilities are abounding. The task of limiting our selections to only 28 daily posts, was not easy. These profiles are intended to offer a snapshot of Southeast Louisiana history. Some of the subjects are familiar to today’s college students, while others are from a much earlier time.  Each profile contains links to books and videos from Sims Library so we all may gain a better understanding of these historical figures and their contributions to Southeast Louisiana.