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Government Information

A list of useful government publications (print and electronic).

Laws & Regulations

Laws & Regulations

Acts of the Legislature, State of Louisiana or Reference Room Louisiana documents stacks -- Y1.1 - Acts are bills signed into law during a legislative session. To search for them, select the desired legislative session from the top right and 'Act' from the drop down menu to the left of the Bill Search tool.  On the left hand side, there is a quick reference that connects Act numbers to Bill Numbers for a selected legislative session.

Constitution of the State of Louisiana or Reference Room Louisiana documents stacks -- Y5.1 - Louisiana's Constitution outlines the purpose, structure, and basic rules of state government.

Louisiana Administrative Code or Reference Room Louisiana documents stack -- Go50.5 - The Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC) provides the general and permanent rules of state agencies. These rules have been formally adopted or amended. It is divided by subject into 76 titles.

Louisiana Laws Database - This database allows searches of Louisiana Laws in various sections (Revised Statutes, Constitution, Civil Code, etc.). The top search is for known citations; for example, RS 49.954.1. The bottom search is for keywords; it also allows searching in more than one section of the Louisiana law at a time. A link to example searches is given to the right.  On the left, the Table of Contents allows viewing of the full text of a particular section.

Louisiana Register or 3rd floor bound serials stacks -- KFL34.A2L68 - The Louisiana Register (LR) is a monthly publication provides access to rules, proposed rules, and notices of state agencies.