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Government Information

A list of useful government publications (print and electronic).

Directories & Manuals

Directories & Manuals

Louisiana Public Library Directory or 4th Floor Louisiana Documents Stacks -- Li 1.9/3:year - This directory lists all public libraries in Louisiana as well as provides their individual websites. Note that some public libraries have multiple branches, so there may be more than one near a particular city.

Louisiana School Directory - This directory contains alphabetical listings of schools in Louisiana and identifies various types, including charter schools. While these issues may be outdated, they offer a good starting point for identifying schools. You can also use a non-governmental equivalent here. Note that School Boards determine school boundaries; a particular city might thus use more schools than just the ones hosted in their community.

Roster of Officials or 4th Floor Louisiana Documents Stacks -- S 1.9 or Reference Department -- JK 4730 .A32 - This directory contains biographical and contact information for all elected officials. The online tool has brief biographical and contact information. The print source features more information, including descriptions of duties, district maps, and Louisiana facts.