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Government Information

A list of useful government publications (print and electronic).


American FactFinder - This tool is one of the most essential in gathering information. This searchable tool helps navigate demographic data from several different surveys. The statistical information is presented in table form and organized into subject areas, including health, business, and population. This tool can yield information at the state, parish, and city level. Note that city level data will depend on whether the area is in the Census or not
NOTE: As of July 2019, all new Census Bureau data will be released via - This tool will be replacing the American FactFinder starting July 2019. It covers the same demographic data, but allows users to view and customize data tables prior to downloading them. Since it is still being developed, this tool is likely to change frequently. Please ask me if you need assistance locating information. - This website allows individuals to search for and to track current, proposed legislation and other legislative information.

GovInfo - This website allows users to search or browse the full text of the Federal Register, U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations and many more titles. As GPO's primary website, a must use for researchers and librarians.

Homeland Security Digital Library - This website allows users to search or browse information pertaining to homeland security. Various topics covered include terrorism, mass shooters, hurricanes, opioids, and school violence. - This is the U.S. Government's official web portal.  It can be used to search hundreds of agency websites.  It provides a list of popular topics, a search box, links to mobile apps, and ways to explore topics and find agencies.  It also includes links to state and local government resources.