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Disease and Epidemiology Information Sources (State and Federal)

Publications and websites from the U.S. and Louisiana governments that deal with diseases and epidemiology.

LA State Sources

Annual Infectious Disease Surveillance Reports (formerly Epidemiology Annual Report) or H 1.1:E/year [Reference Room Louisiana Documents Stacks] -- These reports from the Louisiana Department of Health offer information on various diseases. More information from the Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program can be found here.

Cancer in Louisiana or H 1.2:Ca/year/vol.# (issue #) [4th Floor Louisiana Documents Stacks] -- This publication from the Louisiana Tumor Registry offers annual looks at their research. Other data and publications from this group can be found here.

Louisiana Health Report Card or H 1.1:RC/year [4th Floor Louisiana Documents Stacks] -- This publication from the Louisiana Department of Health offers statistics in various areas throughout the state.

Louisiana Morbidity Report or H 1.7/1:yr/months -- These monthly reports from the Louisiana Department of Health covers various health topics affecting the state. They are a state equivalent to the national MMWR.

Parish Health Profiles, A Tool for Community Health Planning - H 1.2:Pa/year/parish [Volumes for the Florida parishes are in Reference Room Louisiana Documents Stacks] -- The Parish Health Profiles are a precursors to the current Louisiana Health Report Card. They may be useful for historical information.

Vital Statistics of Louisiana or H 1.7/2a:yr [4th Floor Louisiana Documents Stacks] -- This resource from the State Center for Health Statistics offers data in various areas concerning the state.