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NLAB 334 - Community Assessment Sources

Sources providing statistical data, and other types of information, at the national, state, and local level.

Health and Hospitals

Health and Hospitals

Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity - This division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention features data tools to view information on nutrition, physical activity, and obesity in Louisiana, including the rates of child and adolescent obesity.

FastStats (NCHS) - This page from the National Center for Health Statistics provides links to statistics on various health topics, such as obesity and infant health. Of particular note is the State and Territorial Data, which lists birth and death data for each state. The coverage and currency of the data will vary depending on the topic.

Health United States or Reference Room U.S. Documents Stacks - HE 20.7042/6:year - This annual publication analyzes statistics related to health across the United States. The information in this resource yields national data.

Healthy People 2020 - This current program from the Department of Health and Human Services examines 1,200 objectives in 42 topic areas related to improving health in the United States. State level data can be found in the State Plan or in looking at indicators using Data2020. - This official site features several searchable directories for medical personnel and services. Some examples include physicians, nursing homes, and hospitals. The data from this source will be at the local and state level.     

Medline Plus Directories - This webpage lists several different, searchable directories for physicians and health professionals of various type. Data coverage varies depending on which directory is used.

National Institute of Mental Health, Statistics - This webpage provides statistics in various areas regarding mental health, such as prevalence of particular disorders and costs. The data covers the national level.

National Vital Statistics System (NCHS) - This resource from the National Center for Health Statistics provides data on deaths and births. The data covers the national level.

Sortable Risk Factors and Health Indicators (CDC) - This resource offers data at the state and national level level in various areas affecting health, including statistics on particular diseases and conditions, preventative services, and causes of death.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Data - This portal provides access to statistical information regarding substance abuse and mental health services, including rates of use. Directories of substance abuse and mental health facilities are also available. The data coverage varies, but usually yields national and state level data.

WONDER (CDC) - This resource provides access to various health data from the CDC, including births, deaths, and diseases. The data coverage varies, but usually yields national and state level data.