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Uncle Sam's Hidden Treasures (for kids of all ages)

U.S. government resources designed for young people and teachers.

Federal Resources

Federal Resources

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government - Provides information about how the U.S. government works

Cooking with Kids (Department of Agriculture) - Teaches kids about gardening and cooking - Offers girls reliable, useful information on health and well-being - Gateway to kid-oriented information from several government agencies

Kids and Family (Library of Congress) - Read full-text books, explore history, poetry, and more

NASA for Students - Scientific resources related to space

Occupational Outlook Handbook (Department of Labor) - Describes various occupations and provides information such as educational requirements, expected salary, etc. For Kids - Provides information to help kids stay safe online

Smithsonian Kids - Information related to various areas (i.e. animals, insects, aviation)

TreasuryDirect KIDS - Information about debt, credit cards, and personal finances

Webrangers (National Park Service) - Teaches kids about National Parks, Monuments, and Historic Sites

State Resources

State Resources

Louisiana Kids' Page - Information for kids from the Louisiana government, including the state's official tree, bird, etc.

Michigan Kids - State government information directed toward young people

Ohio Sites and Resources for Kids - More state government information for young people

State Facts for Students - Provides statistical information for a state's population, geography, and business