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Government Webliography

An annotated list of government websites divided by topic.

US Sources-General

Consumer Issues (General Services Administration) - Allows users to access information on a variety of consumer issues, including banking, complaints, and insurance.

Cross Agency Portals (General Services Administration) - This page lists several portals in which federal agencies have pooled their resources to provide a centralized site for information on a particular topic or directed to a specific audience.  Topics include such things as after school programs, climate, college students, disability information, exports, food safety, grants, recalls, and youth violence prevention.

GovInfo (U.S. Government Publishing Office) - Allows users to search or browse the full text of the Federal Register, U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations and many more titles.

Government Agencies and Elected Officials (General Services Administration) - This site has a searchable “knowledgebase” of frequently requested information and provides phone numbers, including toll-free numbers, for government agencies. It also produces online reports.

Government, Politics and Law Guides (University of Michigan Library) - This site provides guides to foreign, federal, and state government resources on a number of different topics.

GovSpeak: A Guide to U.S. Government Acronyms & Abbreviations (University of California San Diego) - Provides definitions of acronyms and abbreviations and links to additional information from the associated government agency.

Kids ( (General Services Administration) - Provides links, grouped by age and subject, to federal government sites designed for children.  Also functions as a search engine. (General Services Administration) - Allows users to access digital publications or to order print publications on a variety of topics potentially useful to citizens.