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Citing Sources

Welcome to the Citing Sources Guide! This guide will provide helpful information on the most common citation styles used at Southeastern.

AMA (American Medical Association)

4th Edition Coming Soon

The 4th edition of the AMA Manual of Style is set to come out in 2020. A description of the updates can be found here. Check back for further updates.

Journal Abbreviations

AMA Style uses standard abbreviations for journal titles when making references. A list of many journal abbreviations can be found in the AMA Manual of Style (473-479). Additional abbreviations can be searched in the PubMed Journal Database.

For any unlisted journals, the AMA Manual instructs us to abbreviate them "according to the US National Library of Medicine's current Fact Sheet" (472).  The referenced Fact Sheet is: Construction of the National Library of Medicine Title Abbreviations.

Online Guides to Using AMA Style

AMA Reference Citation Format (New York Medical College)
AMA Style (Purdue OWL)
AMA Style Guide (University of Washington)
AMA Citing Style (University of Southern California)

AMA Manual of Style