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An introduction to checking out Chromebooks from the Library.

An Introduction to Chromebooks

A Chromebook is not the same as a Windows or Mac laptop. Chromebooks use a different operating system called Chrome OS, which means the programs you can normally install on Windows or Mac operating systems cannot be installed on a Chromebook. Chromebooks will allow for immediate access to your student email, Google Drive (including Docs, Sheets, and Slides), and any Chrome apps or extensions you already have.

Frequently Asked Questions 
How do I log in to the Chromebook?
Use your student email address (roomie@southeastern) and password to login to the Chromebooks. You may also login as a "Guest." ‚Äč

How long does the battery last?
Chromebook batteries are good for up to 12 hours. 

Can I print from the Chromebook?
No. Not at this time. 

Can I run Microsoft Office on a Chromebook? 
No. Chromebooks use a different operating system than Windows or MacOS, called ChromeOS. You cannot install regular programs, but can use Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides or other apps).