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Louisiana Flood August 2016

This LibGuide features federal and state government resources that provide information regarding recovery assistance and updates on the Louisiana Flood of August 2016.

Federal Government

Federal Management Agency (FEMA) : This is FEMA's home page. Currently, it provides links to assist those in Louisiana. This is a good starting point for those seeking recovery information.

Louisiana Severe Storms and Flooding (DR-4277) : This is FEMA's site that deals specifically with the August 2016 emergency situation in Louisiana. It provides links and information with greater detail than the general home page. It also lists which parishes are designated as affected. Initially, only four parishes were listed, but since then more have been added.

Disaster Assistance : This is the FEMA site where individuals can apply for disaster assistance. Note that even if a parish is not currently covered, people can still apply--their parish may be added later.

Individuals and Households Program (IHP) : This web page provides more specific details regarding FEMA's IHP program. Both homeowners and renters may be able to receive assistance under this program. The Fact Sheet linked towards the bottom of the page lists different forms of assistance and eligibility requirements.

Floodsmart : This is the official site for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). If someone has flood insurance, then this website has resources that might be helpful, particularly those under 'Policy Holder Resources.'  FEMA also put out a helpful infographic on how to file a claim here.

Disaster Loans (Small Business Administration) : The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers diaster loans, which those affected by the flooding may be eligible to receive to help recover. Note that interested individuals must first register with FEMA.

Louisiana Flooding Information : This site is from U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy. It includes background information, information on how to apply for aid, and checklists of information for those affected.

Stay Safe Before, During, and After a Flood : This web page from the Public Health Emergency (PHE) features many helpful topics of information, such as cleaning with bleach and cleaning mold.

Debris Removal Guidelines : This graphic from FEMA gives suggestions for organizing debris for effective removal.

Live Updates (White House) : This blog post from the White House is currently giving live updates on the federal response for those affected by the Louisiana floods. It includes a summary of events so far and resource links.